Saturday, January 31, 2009

A sweet treat!

This graphic is pink and candy themed, as you can probably tell. This is one of my favorite graphics. 

What's your perfect color?

I was reading Instyle recently, and absolutely loved the color wheel of fashion they had created,  so I decided to make my own!

Winter Trends

Winter is one of my favorite seasons, fashion wise, so here is a graphic to show all of my favorite winter trends this year. 


One of my favorite trends right now is metallics, so I made a gold and silver graphic!


Welcome to Exposure! My name is Brooke Bailey, or runawayluv95. I'm starting this blog to post graphics, and bear with me as I try to improve my photoshop skills. If you want to write for the blog, then contact me on stardoll or at If you would like to model, I'll be opening an club for models and members soon, where you can be featured in a graphic. For now, I'll be posting a few more graphics to get the blog started. Above is the opening graphic.